M For Markus: Oh my, we could have a new Gaspar Noe on our hands!


This has to be one of the finest trailer I have seen all year, with echoes of David Lynch, David Cronenberg and a huge liking to Gaspar Noe, seriously what is not to like about this?? The trailer is dark, unsettling, inventive and deeply disturbing and I cannot wait to see this! Director Ali Abbasi’s ‘graduation’ film has the talents of local hero Jacob Jarek as producer. Clearly his talents on display here look stunning, and so they should since he won the Danish version of an Oscar for his work on a film called To Venner. M For Markus just looks fantastic, and EXACLTY  the type of movie that really interests me and gets my horror juices flowing. The synopsis follows which, although sounding incredibly dark, sounds quite straight forward. However, based on this trailer, I imagine the film will be anything but easy to follow. It is due for release in its native Denmark June 9th.

A female police detective, TESS, discovers a mutilated body in a crime scene. Her search for the killer leads her to the young and innocent-looking MARKUS. Immediately attracted to Markus, her attraction to him leads her deep into a dreamy and grotesque world where her relationship to Markus is changed upside down – and inside out.

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By Matt Wavish

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