Maggie Gyllenhaal signs up to be spooked by ghost in Voice From the Stone

Maggie Gyllenhaal has just finished work on romantic comedy ‘Hysteria’ and is currently working on school drama ‘Still I Rise’, but that hasn’t stopped her signing up for a new project, and this time it’s horror!

Voice From the Stone will be directed by Eric Howell and the story is adapted from a novel called Le Voce Della Pietra by Silvio Raffo. Gyllenhaal will play a nurse (ooh err!!) who’s patient is a young boy who claims dark forces are talking to him through the walls of his Father’s old country house in the Italian countryside. Setting the film in Italy sounds a great idea. Anyway, Gyllenhaal soon finds out that what the boy is saying may not be in his head and may actually be real. Already growing fond of the boys Father, she decides to stay and help and face the ghosts with them. As with all horrors, things get worse and soon the ghosts turn on Gyllenhaal.

Sounds like it could be a cracker this one, and Gyllenhaal rarely disappoints.

By Matt Wavish

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  1. Well I’d go see this film based just on the top picture, wouldn’t care less what it was about 😉

  2. Ha ha! She’s a looker mate, and I believe that picture (the top one) is from the movie Secretary. If you have not ever seen it, may I suggest you nip down your local blockbusters and have a butchers! 😛

  3. Yeah I’ve kind of developed a bit of a thing for Maggie, and from what I’ve just read about Secretary I think I’ll just buy it 😛

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