New images released for Mario Bava influenced Blind Alley (Callejon)

I told you about this film a little while a go, and with this current trend in bringing Giallo influenced horror back (see Masks, Amer, The Last Caress) then it seems fitting that any news on any Giallo influenced film should certainly be covered here. I love the genre and I am very excited at this new wave of movies using its masterful ideas. Blind Alley is such a film, reportedly the director has made the film as a bit of a homage to one of his heroes, the great Mario Bava, so that in itself should give you reason to be excited.

Another reason to be excited is the awesome name of the director, Antonio Trashorras (!!!) and finally, if you need even more reason, the fella wrote Guillermo del Toro’s The Devil’s Backbone, surely you’re sold by now? If your not, then take a peak at the images after this post, they seem to rely heavily on the gorgeous female star Ana de Armas, so no complaints here.

The plot see’s Rosa (de Armas) trapped in a laundrette at night while a serial killer plays a vicious game of cat and mouse with her, until dawn breaks and Rosa finds out something even more disturbing about her tormentor.

Sadly there is still no release date for this one.

By Matt Wavish

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