New Super 8 poster looks very ‘Close Encounters’ like

As the UK release of August 5th gets ever closer, and after countless trailers, TV spots and clips, the marketing bods behind JJ Abrams and Steven Spielberg’s Super 8 are not finished yet! Just to keep us entertained they have now released a brand new UK poster which is identical to the recent Japanese version released. Does the movie Close Encounters spring to mind? I can’t wait for the film, but honestly, how much more can they show us while keeping the ‘monster’ hidden? I am positive that Abrams will not want to give anything away about what the monster looks like, but seriously, with new clips almost weekly, they’re gonna run out of stuff to show. The word is the film is incredible.

Anyway, in case you’ve forgotten, the plot follows some youngsters living in a quiet country town who are making a movie using their new Super 8 camera. While filming they see a jeep racing toward a train and the collision causes the train to derail. Why was the jeep racing toward the train, what is that noisy beast trying to get out of the cargo hold of the train, and just how much chance does this poor little town have?

All will be revealed August 5th.

By Matt Wavish

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