Oh dear, Lars Von Trier declares himself a Nazi at Cannes press conference, watch it here


The King of Controversy, Lars Von Trier, has done it again. Now, we all know that he is not all that interested in what people think of him, and that he makes movies “for himself” and fair play to the man, the fact he actually makes stunning, often breathtaking and usually disturbing films certainly goes in his favour too. However, I am sure there will be an almighty backlash after what he said at his press conference in Cannes for his latest movie Melancholia.

It is thought he said this as a joke (hopefully) as he also mentioned in his press conference that his next movie would be a three-four hour porn film starring Melancholia’s Kirsten Dunst and Charlotte Gainsbourg (now that I’d like to see!) but joking aside, its in pretty poor taste, even for Trier. There’s no stopping his controversy, and I am sure he has a reason behind it, but whatever the reason he did seem to stutter and clearly being either advised or told off by someone close to him, I think he realised he may have said the wrong thing? He looked a little uncomfortable as he attempted to dig himself out of a deep hole, but only continued to make matters worse.

The most cringeworthy part is the look on Kirsten Dunst’s face, she lookes shocked and absolutly horrified! Charlotte Gainsbourg doesn’t look too happy either, and Lars, sat in the middle of them, continues to make things worse as he nervously carries on. Make of it what you will, who am I to judge, but all I can say it, another year at Cannes and another upset by Lars Von Trier!

By Matt Wavish

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