Paul Campion’s The Devil’s Rock picks up US distribution at Cannes


After working on the visual effects of such delights as the Lord of the Rings trilogy, X-Men: The Last Stand, 30 Days of Night, Percy Jackson and Clash of the Titans, British born Paul Campion made the switch to directing in 2006 with short film Night of the Hell Hamsters, and followed this with another short film in 2008 titled Eel Girl. Both shorts are delightfully nasty in their own little way, and you can view them on this very site as we added and reviewed them a few months ago. Now though, Paul Campion is taking his directing talents to the big league with his first full length movie called The Devil’s Rock.

Starring Craig Hall, Gina Varela, Matthew Sunderland, Karlos Drinkwater, Jessica Grace Smith and Luke Hawker, the film is both directed and written by Campion who also co-produces, and its good to see his hard work pay off. The film has been picked up at Cannes by Entertainment One for both US and Canadian distribution, and looking at the trailer it’s not hard to see why the film has gained such interest.

The story is about World War 2 and is set on the eve of D-Day. Based in the Channel Islands, two Kiwi commando’s are sent in to destroy German gun emplacements to distract Hitler’s forces away from Normandy. While there they learn of a secret Nazi Occult, and a plot to unleash evil forces into the war. It sounds like a brilliant idea, and the trailer certainly serves up plenty of tension, horror, gore, action and actually seems to have a strong sexual feel too.

Campion said this to BBC news:

“It’s based on a certain amount of fact as the Special Boat Service were raiding the Channel Islands around time.

“I found out about these books of black magic, which are supposed to exist in the Channel Islands, and started building a story about that and the German fortifications.”

No news yet of a UK release date, but here at HCF we will keep you informed.

By Matt Wavish

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  1. Wow, wow and WOW! Paul Campion’s early shorts were brilliant, very well thought of and executed. After watching that trailer for The Devil’s Rock, all I can say is “Oh my god, give me that movie now!!”.

    It looks as though Paul has wove his magic again and created a solid piece of storytelling. The Devil’s Rock is definately my type of film, so I really hope us Brits have a chance of seeing it. After all, he is our export! 😉

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