Rachel Weisz to star as a Witch in Wizard of Oz prequel?

All she has to do is sign, and Rachel Weisz could be set to star in her biggest film since The Mummy. Please do not be put off by the fact this is a Disney movie because if you remember, Return To Oz regularly gets voted in the top 10 scariest moments polls. With Sam Raimi to direct, hopefully this will have plenty of appeal for adults as well as children.

The film will be a prequel to the events, and James Franco is set to star as a shyster salesman who’s balloon gets caught in a tornado and carried to the Land of Oz. The salesman, who believes he has magical powers meets the Witches, one of whom will be played by Mila Kunis. She begins to fall in love with the salesman, and this leads her down a dark path, spurred on by her nasty sister Evanora, the part Weisz is set to play.

Writer of the downbeat Rabbit Hole, David LindsayAbaire, is set to write thhe movie, and filming is set to begin in July. Blake Lively is also set to star in waht will be called Oz: The Great and Powerful.

By Matt Wavish

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