Real Steel: Great big boxing robots, what’s not to like?


Granted, the film looks a little too family friendly for my liking, but come on, big robots beating the crap out of each other? Surely it’s possible to see past the family stuff and enjoy big bust-ups with robots?

Anyway, the film is set to smash it’s way into UK cinemas October 7th this year, and a brand new trailer has just appeared so please, enjoy! The story follows Hugh Jackman’s Charlie Kenton, a former world champion boxer who is now out of action due to humans being replaced in the ring by robots. He is in financial ruin, and is deperatley trying to build a relationship with his Son. A chance to both bring in some money AND spend time with his Son arrives as the two find an ex-training robot who they restore ready for battle in the ring.

I am sure this will end up on my Guilty Pleasures list by the end of the year!

By Matt Wavish

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