Rob Zombie on why his Lords of Salem is a little late casting

Rob Zombie’s Lords of Salem has been top of my ‘must-see’ list for some time now, and he is yet to begin casting. Damn it, the pain and torture waiting to see his latest movie is almost unbearable. Still, it will be worth it once the finished product arrives, but God knows when that will be! Anyway, recently on his blog page he did answer some questions that fans have clearly been asking:

At this time there are no plans to use any CGI in LORDS. I am not a fan of it although I think it can be very effective if used in very subtle ways. But no one uses it that way. To me most live action films are basically turning into animated films. I also think even great actors come off as stiff and awkward when shot on a green screen,

Zombie also explains a bit about the delay in casting and says that the practical FX need sorting first: “We have begun working, but not shooting yet. This is a very practical FXs heavy film, so that department has been working for awhile building insane shit. I will start after the summer. No one is on board yet but casting will start very soon.

As a quick reminder, the plot follows a local DJ who plays a record backwards, and this in turn releases three witches hell bent of revenge for crimes committed against them centuries a go. In the past the small country town was run with an iron fist by the Lords of Salem, a group that would hunt, torture and murder witches. They often would claim people were witches just for the thrill of the kill, however three were real witches and they placed a curse on the town and if they ever returned from death, they would take brutal and bloody revenge.

Ah, any excuse for Zombie to get the violence going eh? As I always say, I will be following this film like a hawk and once any more images arrive, I will share them, as I will the trailer (right after I have screamed with joy and watched it a over and over until my eyes bleed!!)

By Matt Wavish

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