Scream 5 to be made in 3D, possibly?

The talk of Scream 5 continues, and it does seem like the 5th instalment WILL happen, but there is a new twist in the tale. Rumours are now beginning to spread at the possibility of Scream 5 being shot in 3D. As with all the other Scream films trying to tap in to a current trend in order to make it ‘for the moment’, so to speak, it is a gimmick they missed on Scream 4. Concentrating more on mobile phones, internet and other technology, 3D is a current trend that was missing from the last movie. Me, I don’t care much for 3D to be honest and since Avatar, nothing has really convinced me otherwise, but horror can and should be the best source for the format. If Scream 5 WAS made in 3D , i just might put myself through the pain of wearing those thick glasses to enjoy it, but IF it is made in 3D, i just hope the makers don’t rely too much of gimmicks and forget about the characters and the story.

Scream 4, which did a lot better in the UK than in the US, was regarded as a bit of a disaster, and so just maybe a gimmick like 3D is what the franchise needs to really kick start it again. Anyway, the rumours have come from  recent Tweet’s by Dimension Films which went like this: “Lots of thoughts flying around for 3D! Love it or hate it?” Clearly they are wanting to see what the response is like to that question as the whether they should proceed with a 3D version, or not. This question, by the way, was a general question about 3D as the company have Piranha 3DD and Spy Kids 4 3D about to be released. However, the very next day, a further Tweet went like this:  “Lots of rumors flying around about #SCREAM5 ! Love the idea or hate it? Let us know”

So, from that second Tweet, it would seem Scream 5 3D has been discussed somewhere, or people have responded to the first question and mentioned Scream 5. Either way, there is a good possibility that if Scream 5 is made, it could well be in 3D. Now, I may end up eating my words here, but it just could save the franchise, if done right…

By Matt Wavish

Matt Wavish
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