Sector 7: Korean Sea Monster horror invites you to it’s official website


Taking its influences from classic sci-fi films like The Abyss and Alien and then throwing in a bit of B-movie fun like Deep Rising and The Host comes Kim Ji-Hoons Sector 7. The official website has just launched and you can visit it here: official website

I did talk about this a few weeks back, but in case you missed it, I have included the trailer again for you to enjoy. This film looks mighty awesome, and being a sucker for a good monster flick, especially Sea Monsters, I can’t wait for this. Kim Ji-Hoon has made the film in 3D for added effect so expect The Host type of frenzy here and this will no doubt be one of Korea’s biggest film to date. Here is the synopsis:

“Starting off in 1985 where an oil-rig worker goes missing, the film flashes to present day where the protagonist is the daughter of the missing worker, and now working as a marine equipment manager on an old oil prospecting ship called Eclipse. After 3 weeks of preparation the new recruit sinks to the bottom of the sea when the equipment fails. Evidence suggests that it was not an accident and points at one of the crew as a saboteur. Crew members begin to turn up dead – one by one – their bodies viciously mutilated. To make matters worse, the ship is isolated in a typhoon. It is soon revealed that they’re all about to become food for a transparent underwater creature

No release date yet I’m afraid, but there will certainly be more on this as we get it.

By Matt Wavish

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