See the full Super 8 train sequence here and wet your appetite for the sci-fi event of the year!





Internet clips, trailers. TV spots, the advertising campaign for JJ Abrams and Steven Spielberg’s Super 8 is reaching boiling point. If you have not heard of Super 8 yet, where the Hell have you been?? There have been four clips this week making up about two minutes  of footage from the movie, and all four of those clips are here in one simple post to save you having to go through loads of searching (because we’re nice like that!)

The film centres around a group of kids in a quiet country town who set out to make a home movie on their new super 8 video. While filming they witness a collision between a train and a jeep, but was this crash intentional? The train derails and suddenly it’s cargo is revealed, and it aint pleasant. The cargo is indeed a monster which wrecks havoc on the poor, unsuspecting town.

JJ Abrams has cleverly not given us a look at the monster yet, and I doubt if he will at all. Instead, he will continue to tease us with further clips and footage and clues (the bastard) and all will be revealed when the movie arrives. The tagline goes “it arrives” and I most certainly cannot wait to see what ‘it’ is.

By Matt Wavish

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