Silly, stupid fun to be had with Snow Beast. See the daft trailer here and enjoy!


Ah, the classic Abominable snowman/Yeti story continues and STILL they can never seem to get it right. I must say this film looks absolutly rubbish, but in a good way. You just can’t beat a man in a suit chasing actors doing their best not to laugh as the ‘Beast’ looks a bit, well, stupid really. I am positive this will be one of those Friday Night Beer Movies that will amuse rather than scare for 90 minutes. The film is directed by Brian Brough and stars John Schneider, Jason London and Danielle Churchran with Gregg Christensen playing the Snow Beast. Here is the synopsis:

People disappear every year out in the snow–but this year, something is adding to the body count. Jim (John Schneider) and his research team study the Canadian lynx every year. This year he has to take his rebelling 16-year-old daughter, Emmy, with him. But the lynx are missing. As Jim and his team try to find why, something stalks them–a predator no prey can escape.

By Matt Wavish

Matt Wavish
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