Some very creepy goings on in Cell 213. Check out the incredible trailer here!


It must seem to you wonderful readers that I get myself all in a fluster over just about every damned horror that gets released. That is not the case, and there are horrors I don’t like, but when I do get excited about a new horror I want to share it with you. Cell 213 is one of those horrors. Oh boy I set eyes on this superb trailer today and the film cannot come soon enough! Apologies that the sound is a little rubbish in places, but I am sure you get the idea.

The Canadian horror is directed by Stephen Kay (The Boogeyman) and The Sons of Anarchy TV series) and is written by award winning writer Maninder Chana. Eric Balfour stars as cocky lawyer Michael Grey who gets set up for a murder and thrown into prison, in the dreaded Cell 213. Michael Rooker plays Ray Clement and Bruce Greenwood plays the mean and nasty warden who seems to enjoy the pain and suffering his prisoners suffer. None suffer more than Michael Grey as it would seem dark forces are at work in Cell 213 and prisoners seem to be offing themselves thanks to time spent in that particular cell. Turns out the Devil may be at work, collecting souls from the cell.

It all looks rather spooky stuff, and expertly put together and I cannot wait for this. Sadly there is no release date available just yet but I will share it with you as soon as we find out.

By Matt Wavish

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