Star Trek 2 delayed, but for good reason!

This is certainly one of those moments where if you ask someone if they want the good news or bad news first, you hope they ask for the bad news first. So, I will start with the bad news, and then cheer you up with the good. The bad news is this, Star Trek 2 was originally schedule for a June 2012 release but, brace yourselves, it has now been pushed back to…. December 2012 (boo boo, go on get out!!!)

Now the good news, and it is good news I can assure you. The reason for the delay is that JJ Abrams is looking likely to be directing, and after what he did with the previous film, I reckon the wait is worth it rather than giving the project to someone who may not have the skill to pull off another master stroke. If anyone can repeat the brilliance of the previous movie, then that would be Abrams himself. Writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kutzman have a script, a 70 page script to be precise, but sadly Abrams has not even read the blasted thing yet! However, with Super 8 about to be released, a TV series called Person of Interest, AND still the Cloverfield sequel, the man is busy.

But, he does like to work and I am sure he won’t want to pass up another Star Trek movie. However, supposedly Abrams wants to take the next movie in a whole new direction, one which the writers have not agreed with and this may cause some issues in the process. These are just rumours mind, so don’t quote me on that. Let’s just be happy with the fact that yes Star Trek is going to be delayed even further, but at least it is being delayed so that the sequel can be done right (hopefully!)

By Matt Wavish

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