Takashi Miike set to follow up his last two Samurai movies with… a Nintendo DS adaptation comedy!!

So, I have a genuine serious question here, does Takashi Miike ever sleep, let alone eat? He churns out SO many films it’s almost unthinkable, and the remarkable thing is his films continue to be of such a high standard you really do wonder how the Hell he does it. If ever they put a picture next to the word ‘workaholic’ in a dictionary, there should be a picture of Miike’s face.

After the astonishing 13 Assassins, his latest Samurai movie Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai, was met with a mixed response at Cannes. Some say it was up there with some of his best work, while others found it dull. Well, his latest, as yet untitled project should be anything but dull, but will be a million miles away from the seriousness of his last two. It has just come to light that his next film will be based on Nintendo DS game Ace Attorney, so make of that what you will. The picture is set to be a comedy, so maybe this is Miike’s time out from moody, heavy drama to focus on some more light hearted stuff.

Belive it or not though, having barely finished Hara-Kiri, Miike moved on to a new film called Ninja Kids!! which, amazingly, is in post-production! It tells the story of Ninja apprentices at a school for Ninjitsu and it is also due for release sometime this year! Someone give the fella a stiff drink and a pillow and let him rest!

By Matt Wavish

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