Tarantino’s next movie will be Spaghetti Western Django Unchained

News of a new Tarantino movie is always going to be exciting, and after rumours have been flying around about the genius director’s latest movie, it would appear that those rumours have now been confirmed to be true. Tarantino will be tackling a Spaghetti Western for his latest project, a sort of remake of Sergio Corbucci’s 1966 Spaghetti Western called Django.

Apparently a script is flying around, and just recently the front page from the script arrived on Twitter, confirming the rumours of Tarantino’s film to be true. No plot details have been announced, but if it will be anything like the 1966 Django, the plot will follow a Gatling gun-slinger who goes through seven shades of Hell. In the original film, the character was played by Franco Nero who has been attached to this project ever since Tarantino started talking about it some year a go. It is probable that Nero will reprise his role from the original.

There is no more news on the project, but once Tarantino gets under-way, and the talk is he wants to start shooting in the Autumn, then we could well be looking at a brand new Tarantino film in 2012. We will keep you updated of any new developments.

By Matt Wavish

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  1. Hi Sukiyaki Western Django was a mess. I reviewed it on here. So the fact he’s doing another is making me cringe.

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