The Devil’s Double: ‘Scarface’ of the Middle East with scenes too upsetting for viewers


Already being called the ‘The Scarface of the Middle East’, the Devil’s Double is a true to life story of Latif Yahia, an army lieutenant forced to play a double double to  rich and powerful Uday Hussein. Uday is the son of Saddam Hussein and in his world, he gets what he wants no matter what the price or who gets hurt. Yahia has his family threatened with murder if he does not perform the task he is given, and so ends up in all sorts of vicious and dangerous situations as he has to learn to live like Uday.

The improve his likeness to Uday, Yahia had to undergo surgery, and during his time as Uday’s double he had several assassination attempts on his life, had to dodge deadly situations and pretty much went through Hell. But he also shared the good life too. The film contains many upsetting scenes, however one particular scene has had audiences at the premier in Utah walking out of the screening because it is too much for them to take. It involves Uday brutally disemboweling a man with a machete at a garden party full of guests. This scene alone is set to make this one of the most talked about films of the year.

Uday/Yahia is played by English actor Dominic Cooper, and the film is directed by Lee Tamahori. It is expected to hit UK shores on August 12th.

By Matt Wavish

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