The Green Lantern: Brand new trailer explains the plot and shows more of Paralax!!!


There are still some doubters out there as to how good the Green Lantern will actually be. I wasn’t all that into the film until I saw the first trailer and some clips a few months back and now, well, I can’t wait. Just a day a go a brand new trailer has been released with a voiceover that tells you the whole story, in case you didn’t already know it. Also included in the new trailer is new footage, less or Ryan Reynolds as the Green Lantern and much more of the Green Lantern army on their home planet. There is also much more footage of their biggest enemy, Paralax who looks simply incredible.

Come on people, get behind this super hero film, it really will be something special. If the new trailer does not sell you, then I don;t know what will! I can’t wait to see the film, directed by Martin Campbell and starring Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively and Peter Sarsgaard. The movie was given a new boost of money recently to add some more special effects, so expect a dazzling display of brilliance when this hits UK cinemas June 17th.

By Matt Wavish

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