The Hoff to battle prehistoric fish in Piranha 3DD!

As if the casting to Piranha 3DD could not get any more bizarre after the inclusion of Gary Busey, a new big star name has been added to the cast list, David ‘The Hoff’ Hasselhoff. If he turns around to those vicious man eating piranha and bellows “don’t hassle the Hoff¬£ then this could end up being one of my favourite films of the year! Honestly, with Gary Busey and The Hoff running wild in this sequel to Alexandre Aja’s remake, who needs deadly piranha?

This film is gonna be great, and what with the turbulant lives both The Hoff and Busey have lead, just to see the pair share the screen together will be worth the ticket price! Piranha 3DD is expected to chomp its way into UK cinemas September 16th.

By Matt Wavish

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