The Perfect House, is far from perfect. Check out the new trailer, it’s rather nasty!


Besides the quite brilliant trailer for The Perfect House, there is something else I really love about the look of this film, the poster. I have included it below, see what you think but it reminds me of the Video Nasty age of horror, a poster that is happy to look tacky but incredibly horrible. I like it!!

The film is directed by Kris Hulbert and Randy Kent, and from what I can gather, it will be released on VOD worldwide from sometime in October or November. One thing to note is that the film stars, amongst others, Felissa Rose, her of Sleepaway Camp and Return to Sleepaway Camp. Now, the sequels may have been dreadful, but the original Sleepaway Camp is a classic. Jonathan Tiersten, one of her co-stars from the franchise, also stars. The trailer looks fantastic, really brutal, over the top nasty horror, and to follow is the official synopsis followed by the poster and another crazy image:

Newlyweds, Mike and Marisol, are given the tour of their potential dream home by a perky real estate Agent. They soon find out that their perfect house might just have a past. The ugly horrors of this house are revealed through three original tales of terror: “THE STORM” A Hitchcock inspired, dark shadow filled tale of an abusive family taking shelter in their basement from a violent, fast approaching storm. Soon we learn that the weather isn’t the only thing threatening to tear this family apart…. “CHIC-KEN” Jason, Michael Myers and Freddy Krueger are all mythological perfect killing machines that still to this day terrorize our subconscious. But could the perfect serial killer truly exist? Maybe he’s already been operating undetected for years. Maybe he’s someone’s next-door neighbor. Maybe even yours…… “DINNER GUEST” Overseas tourists and malcontents have been tortured and dismembered by sick sociopaths in puzzling ways many times over…

(Source: IMDB)

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