Tom Cruise returns to sci-fi with Oblivion

This is fantastic news, a new mega budget sci-fi and starring one of the biggest stars on the planet, Oblivion is set to become huge. Due to the fact he couldn’t get his scrips made into a film, writer Joseph Kosinski originally set up the story as a graphic novel. He had to script in place before directing Tron: Legacy and hoped Disney would back his script. Initially they were going to, put the bleak storyline and dark apocalyptic Earth was too much for Disney’s family friendly image and they opted to not get involved.

Thankfully Universal came along and put down $100 million for the film to get made, with Kosinski directing and Cruise to star. The story centres on an apocalyptic, almost un-inhabitable Earth where humans now live in cities which float above the baron wastelands. Cruise is part of a team which must head down to land in order to fix the patrol drones which keep the invading aliens away. Whilst there, he finds a woman who has crashed in a space pod, and the adventure leads the team and the woman to discover something new about the state of the world.

Big budget special effects, big budget star, big budget director and an apocalyptic take which may involve aliens. Honestly, what more could you ask for?

By Matt Wavish

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