Van Damme to kick Stallone in the face in Expendables 2!!!

Well, thats the rumour anyway, and at the moment nothing has been confirmed. However, it looks likely that Van Damme, who missed out on the first Expendables, will be in the sequel as, wait for it….  a bad guy!! And if he is the bad guy, there is no doubt that he indeed will kick Stallone in the face!

The rumours have come from Sheldon Lettich, the writer of Bloodsport and Rambo 3, and someone who has worked with Van Damme for many many years. He has apparently told a Van Damme fan website,, that the ‘Muscles from Brussels’ has accepted the part of the villain in Stallone’s highly anticipated sequel. Nothing has yet been confirmed, but it will be bloody awesome if this is true.

At the moment the only confirmed actors are Stallone, Bruce Willis and Randy Couture with the Stath, Jet Li, Mickey Rourke, Dolph Lungdren, Steve Austin and Terry Crews a,, rumoured to be returning. What would be a turn out would be Steven Seagal making an appearance. Considering the hate between him and Van Damme they could have their own little mini war as a sort of side story to the film? Nice idea, but it’ll never happen (sigh)

By Matt Wavish

Stallone says to Van Damme “Give me your best shot!”

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