White-Curse of the Melody: Ringu inspired J-Horror, catch the trailer here


Due to arrive in its native Korea in July, directors Kim Sun and Kim Gok’s White: Curse of the Melody looks to be exactly what you would expect from the down, but not out J-Horror formula. Still handing us the odd great movie here and there, the genre is clearly not dead yet. White: Curse of the Melody looks a bit like Ringu aimed at kids from the first part of the trailer, but then shifts in tone to a more darker, nastier edge with made me promptly sit up and take note. Granted the gorgeous females are a bonus too, but this little chiller actually looks alright.

Struggling girl group the Pink Dolls find a mysterious video in their new recording studio and after viewing the bad quality video, they find a song which they really like and pass off as their own. Releasing it as a single it gets the group back on top, but not without consequences. After viewing the tape the girls start to act strange and hostile toward each other. One passes out, another is injured in a photo shoot, someone else reacts badly to cosmetics. It all sounds like a good bit of fun, and with one of the band members doing a full-on Ringu rip off by searching for the origins of the cursed tape/song, this could well be a film to put J-Horror back on the map.

We shall see…

By Matt Wavish

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