Babes in bikinis and the odd shark! New image gallery for Shark Night 3D is here!

Please forgive my clear love of girls in bikinis, I make no apologies if it seems a little ‘perverted’ as these are all the images that have just been released for David R Ellis’ Shark Night 3D. And what a fine set of images they are for what will be THE shark film of the year. Recently it was granted a PG-13 rating in the US which does not bode well for the levels of violence we were hoping for, but then Jaws was a PG and look at how brilliant that is, and granted you don’t need to slap an 18 certificate just because the ladies are wearing bikinis. The BBFC will hopefully grant this a 15 as there is supposed to be large amounts of blood and limbs being torn off, but not quite to the level of Alexandre Aja’s superb Piranha remake.

Anyway, Shark Night 3D released a trailer a little while back which you can view here: The film stars a whole host of young, hot ‘talent’ and is looking for a September 23rd release here in the UK.

Arriving by boat at her family’s Louisiana lake island cabin, Sara (Sara Paxton) and her friends quickly strip down to their swimsuits for a weekend of fun in the sun. But when star football player Malik (Sinqua Walls) stumbles from the salt-water lake with his arm torn off, the party mood quickly evaporates. Assuming the injury was caused by a freak wake-boarding accident, the group realizes they have to get Malik to a hospital on the other side of the lake, and fast.

But as they set out in a tiny speedboat, the college friends discover the lake has been stocked with hundreds of massive, flesh-eating sharks! As they face one grisly death after another, Sara and the others struggle desperately to fend off the sharks, get help and stay alive long enough to reach the safety of dry land.

By Matt Wavish

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