Calling all Slasher fans! Slice & Dice: The Slasher Film Forever documentary coming soon to DVD!!


I would imagine that if you visit this site then you would have an interest in the Slasher genre. Well slasher fans, you’re prayers have been answered as a brand new documentary is heading your way on dvd. Slice and Dice: The Slasher Film Forever is a totally new documentary made by former Arrow Video duo Calum Waddell and Naomi Holwill. The pair now work under their own High Rising Productions and while making what was supposed to be a short documentary intended as a bonus feature on one of their films, they decided to turn it into a full length documentary. In a recent interview with Fangoria, Waddell had this to say:

“Naomi and I actually began this as a DVD supplement for Arrow—in fact, she’s as enthusiastic toward slasher flicks as I am! We originally hoped to attach it, as a little, lighthearted 25-minute thing, to one of their upcoming slasher-movie releases such as The Funhouse, but it slowly became its own thing, and we decided to stay with it and turn it into a full-length documentary. It was quite an imposing thing to do, because I’m all too aware of the absolutely excellent Going to Pieces documentary which my friend Rachel Belfosky produced five years ago. I adore that! So this is a totally different approach to the subject matter, with interviewees who are a little cultier than usual and generally not as ubiquitous on genre docus.”
Can anything top Going to Pieces? Looks like we’ll soon find out!

There is no news yet of a release date but we will keep you posted.

By Matt Wavish

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