Check out these gorgeous images from Jennifer Thym’s Bloodtraffick

Hong Kong director Jennifer Thym has directed episodes for both the Lumina and Mister French Taste TV series’, she also produced episodes of Lumina, and couple of short films and has written some episodes of Lumina. Now she takes a step further and directs, writes and produces her new 12 minute short film Bloodtraffick. Starring the incredibly stunning Grace Huang, the story focuses on Ava Chen (Huang) a vigilante searching for her sisters in a world torn between Vampires and Angels.

Looking at Chen’s appearance it looks like she has angel wings, and she ends up lured into the den of a nasty Vampire. It is an sort of apocalyptic action come horror from the looks of it, and the design and production of the following gallery show incredible style and attention to detail. There is sadly no release date for this as it is about to hit the Gen Con Indy Film Festival in the US, and even more annoying is there is no trailer available. Damn. Oh well, please enjoy the stunning gallery below, and hopefully we will have some sort of release news, or the very least a trailer very soon.

By Matt Wavish

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