Don’t Stop: Check out Sergio Morcillo’s gore-soaked, fantastic trailer and exclusive images right here!


They say a trailer can sell a film, and there is no question that I am 100% sold on Sergio Morcillo’s truly awesome looking shot film Don’t Stop. The film is currently being distributed at Spanish Film Festivals, however, Mercillo is hoping to have his short film reach a much wider audience. Based on the superb the trailer is, there is no reason why this short film should not reach viewers from all over the world. The movie looks perfect to todays gore hungry market, but this short film also has that arty, serious quality which the more hardcore horror fan appreciates. This certainly does not appear to be a film with violence for violence sake, this is a horror made with the intention of making a name for yourself, and by the merits of this trailer, Mercillo is a name you should make note of right now, for we will be hearing a lot more from this director in years to come.

Spread the word, and the more people to show an interest, the more likely it is you will get to see this short film. Morcillo is wanting to take horror back to it’s routes, back to the days of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, I Spit on Your Grave and The Last House on the Left. He wants to focus on the exploitation horror, and the survivalist horror that a lot of us grew up with in the 70’s and 80’s. This is Mercillo’s nostalgic trip to the good old days when director’s like Tobe Hooper and Wes Craven were at their peak, so enjoy the trailer and brace yourself for the following images. Here is the synopsis:

The sisters Miriam and Sandra, accompanied of John, the boyfriend of the latter, travel for secondary roads to know the old house that his late grandfather has left them in inheritance.

On having come to his destination they will meet the disagreeable surprise of which the house is lived by a hunters’ strange family that they affirm to be the legitimate owners of the same one.

The night it is closed, and three young persons decide to take advantage of the apparent hospitality of the head of household to happen the night in the house.

The night will be long and a brutal bath of blood will lead them to discovering the terrible secret that hides the inheritance of his grandfather. When the nightmare gives beginning … already there is no way of stopping it.

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