First names attached to Studio Canal’s The Dinosaur Project

In May Studio Canal announced plans for a new dinosaur movie which sounds like it will be taking the Cloverfield style approach. Directed by Sid Bennett, who has made a number of documentaries and TV movies, he, Tom Pridham and producer Nick Hill went to Studio Canal’s London office last year with the idea of a Father and his son who venture to the jungle’s of South Africa with their video camera and discover Dinosaurs living there.

The three filmmakers  had no script, but a set timescale and a superb idea. Thankfully Studio Canal agreed on the movie and shooting promptly commenced this year. There is nothing new known on this fantastic sounding idea apart from the first and only three cast members named. That would be Peter Brooke as Charlie Rutherford, Natasha Loring as DrLiz Draper and Matt Kane who does not have a character name yet.

Expect a lot more on this as it happens!

By Matt Wavish

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