HACKED TO PIECES! Midweek Look At The News By Ross Hughes

A mid week look at the news by Ross Hughes



It seems once again that we need somebody telling us what we can and can not watch.  The news that The Human Centipede II has been refused an age certificate and therefore banned makes me weep in the age where we live in.  Once again we are faced with a film that many will get to see anyway by using the form of download, an illegal practice which is ruining the film world, but when we get to pointless decisions like this, then what do the studios expect the fan to do!

Last year the furore was centered around A Serbian Film, a nasty film that rocked your core if like me you have seen the original.  That too was banned until it was released with cuts, but before it was officially released, I knew of many horror fans who rushed to the internet to get a copy and because of that the film has gained a massive cult status and is now considered a modern DVD Nasty even though looking back, it was really nothing but a storm in a tea cup.  Ok! before fans jump down my throat, I am not saying that any film advertising Newborn Porn is a good thing, but there is a strong case that if it was released without the fuss then it would not have gained the notorious reputation that it has now.

Treating horror fans with this contempt is a stupid illogical flaw that will makes me wonder will they ever learn.  The 80’s saw a wave of horror films that were banned yet fans still got to watch.  The video nasty era meant films that were not very good were to have this tag of “you got to watch this shit!” that it simply did not deserve!  I Spit On Your Grave is one in typical film in my mind that made the small talk in the school playground grow from whispers to shouts, because being a kid you had to watch a film that was being branded sick and depraved.  Then on that cold and wet Wednesday night back in years gone,  a bunch of mates and myself grabbed a blank VHS tape and sat around the TV expecting a bloodbath with thrills and spills.  The rape scene was horriific but it never did catch our imagination like Freddy did and while be bragged for a whole day that we saw it, the thrill quickly vanished and we were soon talking about the next sequel of Friday 13th…I mean come on, Jason was all set to live again!!!

My point is, by now banning the sequel of Human Centipede they have now made every fan reading this news wanting to go and watch it.  We are like kids who want to do something when we are told not too.  This rule will not stop us either, its wrong to download and here at HCF we encourage our readers not to do this, but when this hits the internet in a few months time, the need to watch this horror may prove too strong and soon you will see pirate copies changing hands.  Curiosity did not kill the cat, it killed the movie business, because this ruling has only made Centipede II now an horror film that needs to be watched and it will be no matter what it takes!

What is the reason they have given by the way?

This new work, The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence), tells the story of a man who becomes sexually obsessed with a DVD recording of the first film and who imagines putting the ‘centipede’ idea into practice. Unlike the first film, the sequel presents graphic images of sexual violence, forced defecation, and mutilation, and the viewer is invited to witness events from the perspective of the protagonist. Whereas in the first film the ‘centipede’ idea is presented as a revolting medical experiment, with the focus on whether the victims will be able to escape, this sequel presents the ‘centipede’ idea as the object of the protagonist’s depraved sexual fantasy.

WTF?  I mean come on, its a film and if I recall the original promised us ass to mouth and we did not get to see that much did we, in fact there was more talk of that in Clerks II and even I was frustrated over the lack of actual disgusting moments that we were promised! In fact I was not in a rush to see this sequel but guess what? Now I am, simply because of the points I made earlier.  One of the greatest horrors of all time The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was banned for years because of its graphic content but its one of the most tame horror films in living memory.  That is one of the only films that as ever been banned because of the title, not because of what was in it-I mean for a film centred around a man with a chainsaw, the film hardly shows any blood and for me it is a mystery why it was banned!

We are also living an era where gore is the must for horror.  The Saw films are ripe with graphic content that years ago would have tested the censors and the biggest shock I have had this year is Scre4m not because of the its failure at the box office but the fact that it was so bloody and horrific for a horror that only had a 15 certificate!  Whoever are those who have decided we are not of able mind to watch Centipede II must have seen something in the film that we are never should be witnessed too.  Well when I finally get to watch it in a few months time (come on you know many will) the film had better offer what the censors has promised!  A bloodbath of surreal images that will make me go insane and want to burn the DVD player there and then, nothing more than that feeling will make me disappointed that another film given this notorious tag was nothing but a big wet let down!




I was very worried.  No seriously I was!  The first trailer of the re-make of one of my favourite horror films of all time was nothing but a huge let down.  I love Fright Night, its yet another one in my collection that really does not need to be re-done but in the age we living in, I am expecting a re-make of Mac and Me any day soon.  But while I despair at my cherished memories being ruined by this new phase, I am just hoping that I get some excitement from the 2011 version.

The first trailer which Matt Wavish brought to our attention this week was sadly a bad sign.  It seems that many fans agree with me by the message boards that have swamped the internet.  Fright Night 2011 seems nothing more than a Disturbia model with a horror twist.  I like the idea that they have not followed the blue print of the original and have gone the other way, but seriously, it seems really off balance.  What was the biggest worry for us fans was that the clip showed virtually all the films plot but there was no sign of the best character…….Peter Vincent!

Roddy McDowall was Fright Night and to think his character of Peter was to be sidelined was to hard to bare!   To be fair to Mr David Tennant he seems like wonderful casting that has me thrilled for the former Doctor Who, and there was a brief suggestion that his character may not feature much in this new film.  Well Matt has given us a glimpse of a new trailer https://horrorcultfilms.co.uk/2011/06/second-fright-night-3d-trailer-is-a-huge-improvement-time-to-really-get-excited/ and his character figures a bit more which may put fans like me back in the good mood frame!

What is also encouraging is the news that the studio is already planning a sequel and that they are planning for the film to be centred around Tennant more which really dispels the notion that the studio have had cold feet over the British Star, or the cynical of us believe they are only saying this to fool the fans into thinking that Peter Vincent does have a prominent role in the re-make.

I suppose we have to wait and see!



Matt our news anchor has already given us the news that Halloween 3D is finally coming despite the box office disaster of Halloween 2, and now we reach the critical stage of the life of Michael Myers.  The studio can not afford the mess that H2 brought to the franchise, I know the film does have fans, even some of the crew on HCF admire it, but what it did was alienated the core die hard fans of the series and that was a real bad thing to do!

The fans are the life blood of the whole show.  If they are not happy then the film suffers and while the re-make of the original film was critically ravaged by the fans back when it was released, looking back it is with no doubt the best remake out of the Freddy and Jason re-boots, the failure to appease the fans resulted them not bothering to turn up for the sequel.

Any sign that Halloween 3 is to follow the same style of Rob Zombie will bring the negative factor back to the saga and may finally kill it once and for all.  What they need to do is move away and start afresh, try to somehow continue the story that Zombie started but change tack so that fans of Carpenter do not feel left out.  How they can keep afresh a story that is no longer scary is another thing, I mean being HCF’s Number One fan of Halloween, even I know the figure of the boy who picked up a knife and never put it down has been in the mind of fans for too many years to make us get excited again!  It is not my problem to work out how they can do Halloween and not even the gimmick of 3D could be enough, but while I should be getting excited for another visit to Haddonfield, I just wish that they stop putting nails into the coffin of this much loved franchise and start to put their energy into a fresh character, someone who can get us excited again.

I was told recently by my close friend on HCF that Slasher is dead, but its not, the fan base is way to strong to discount!   But until they stop giving us countless trips to Camp Crystal Lake, Haddonfield and Elm Street then the entire genre is going to swim in its own mess.  We like the title of Friday 13th Part 7 suggests, A New Blood to take us forward, where that is going to come from is out there somewhere in the minds of some new talent just waiting to be discovered!

Talking about Halloween……..

Myself, Matt, Bat and the great Dr spent some time with the legend that is John Carpenter…you can see the interview here!


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