HCF Exclusive: Gerard Lough’s short film Deviant, available here in it’s uncut form


Short film director Gerard Lough is on the verge of becoming a big name in horror. His most recent short film, The Boogeyman, which is based on the Stephen King story, has been getting some excellent word of mouth from everyone who has seen it (that includes us here at Horror Cult Films). Head over to our growing Short Films section to see the reviews, and a trailer, for yourself    . Believe me, there is some fantastic stuff going on in this short film and we at Horror Cult Films want to help get the word out there that Gerard Lough is a name to take note of.

Before the Boogeyman was made, Lough released another short film called Deviant, a darker, more nasty affair which ended up being slightly cut due to its content. Gerrard has kindly given Horror Cult Films the chance to show this movie in its entirety, uncut and this is the only place that you can view this wonderful piece of work uncut. Again, in our Short Films section you can find the review by myself for this superb piece of work and you can also head to our Interviews section for an in-depth discussion with Gerard Lough and it makes for some fascinating reading.

Short films are a way for directors to get themselves known, to show off their talents before making it big, and Lough is set to make it big. With his incredibly well presented and directed short films, the only way to go from here is a feature length movie, and believe me, a feature length movie by this guy will be something special indeed. So please sit back, try to relax, and enjoy Deviant the way the director intended it to be!

By Matt Wavish

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