Jaws coming to Bluray with no digital enhancements, hurrah!!!

God I love Jaws, I mean I REALLY love it, it is a perfect movie and ranks as one of my favourite films of all time. The news that it is finally making its way to Bluray was good enough, but what director Steven Spielberg had to say about the transfer was even better. As Jaws is about to celebrate its 36 year (36!!!!!!) anniversary on June 20th, Spielberg was recently interviewed by AICN and I shall share a little bit if that interview with you now:

When asked if there was  Jaws Bluray on the horizon Spielberg responded:

“Yes, there is. Yes, there is. I’ve already seen some of it. I don’t have a date yet, but there’s a Blu-Ray absolutely in the works.”

Spielberg also said this of the proposed transfer to Bluray:

There’s going to be no more digital enhancements or digital additions to anything based on any film I direct. I’m not going to do any corrections digitally to even wires that show… At this point right now I think letting movies exist in the era, with all the flaws and all of the flourishes, is a wonderful way to mark time and mark history.

Now this is what I like to hear, a director who respects how a film looks and honours its era. This is great news, I feel a cleaned up Jaws just takes away all the classic look and feel of the movie. It doesn’t need improving, the film is absolutely perfect as it is. Why can’t more directors take this approach, eh?

Can’t wait for this, so don’t panic, we will let you know of a release date as soon as it is made public.

(Soruce: AICN, Dread Central)

By Matt Wavish

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  1. Lets hope he feels the same when ET gets a Blu-ray release. I know it’s only a minor thing, but replacing the police officers guns with radio’s really looked stupid!

    I can’t wait for this. I’ll be pre-ordering as soon as I get the option. This is probably one of the most perfect films ever made and one which I could watch over and over without getting bored. And thanks to Sky Movies showing it quite often a few months ago, I did practically that! 😛

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