Joshua Jackson answers fan questions about Fringe



If you have not seen the end of Season 3 then please, do not read on.

It is hard for me to pick a favourite character from Fringe as they are all so incredibly interesting in their own way, however Walter is pretty much at the top of my list every episode. However, after Peter’s shock exit at the end of Season 3, all eyes are on Joshua Jackson and just how the Hell ne brings his beloved character Peter back for Season 4. Recently Joshua Jackson answered a few questions put to him by fans, however everyone is keeping very quiet about how events will unfold in Season 4.

The good news is that Season 4 is set to return this Autumn so all you Fringe fans (including me) can get their fix of Peter, Walter and Olivia very soon! Season 4 promises to be yet another step up in the mind boggling series, but honestly, where the Hell do they go from here? Thankfully, since the series is so clever and fantastic, you just know the makers have something very special up their sleeves. Fringe has continued to get better and better with each season, so expect nothing less than brilliance from Season 4, I just worry just how poor old Walter will cope without his Son. However, with no memory of him this is gonna play out very interesting indeed!

Just recently John Noble, who plays Walter, won the Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series at the Critics Choice TV Awards, with both Noble and Anna Torv also winning awards at the recent 37th Saturn Awards.

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