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How I love a good Asian chiller, and the Matrimony looks like it will deliver on everything we’ve come to expect from that inventive and often extremely scary genre. I do apologise that the quality of the trailer is not perfect, and the lack of subtitles do make it hard to understand what is going on, but I have found a lengthy synopsis which I will share below.

As for the film itself, it looks incredibly creepy and very unsettling, with all the usual Asian horror elements there and wityh an atmosphere so intense you almost feel like you’ve come out the other end of a nightmare once the trailer finishes! Creepy sttuff indeed. The film is set for a July 26th release in the US on both DVD and Bluray, and expect the UK to follow suite very soon. Here are the plot details:

Set in a beautifully recreated 1930’s Shanghai, Junchu (Leon Lai) has fallen into a profound state of depression after witnessing his girlfriend’s tragic death on the day he was set to propose. Unable to forget Manli, and living in a tortured state of denial and guilt, Junchun’s domineering mother decides to marry him off to Sansan (Rene Liu), a beautiful young woman who she believes will lift her son’s spirits. The marriage starts off loveless and unconsummated, but Sansan is determined to win his love. One day the ghost of Manli, still pining for her former lover appears to Sansan. The two quickly strike a deal; Manli will help the new bride, but only if she can temporarily enter Sansan’s body so that she can reconnect physically with her former lover one last time. The plan goes too well and as Junchu begins to fall in love with Sansan, Manli turns from friendly and helpful to jealous and vengeful.

THE MATRIMONY stars Leon Lai Ming, who began his career as a pop singer and is known as one of the “Four Heavenly Kings,” the nickname given to Leon, Aaron Kwok, Jacky Cheung and Andy Lau (some of the biggest performers in Hong Kong’s music scene). Leon has starred in over 40 films. His costar Rene Liu is an award winning actress who can also be seen in Palisades Tartan Video’s A WORLD WITHOUT THIEVES.

By Matt Wavish

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