Leatherface 3D finds its first official cast member, step up Bill Moseley!

The first official name has been attached to Leatherface 3D (AKA The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D) and it is great news people! Bill Moseley is set to return to the franchise that made him a bit of a horror icon. If you don’t recall then let me explain: in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre part 2, Moseley starred as a horrific creation, Chop-Top, the guy with the metal plate in his head who laughed while killing and seemed to get far too much enjoyment out of it. In Hooper’s sequel, Chop-Top was almost as nasty as Leatherface himself. Moseley has appeared in numerous horror films, most notably as Otis is Rob Zombie’s House of 1000 Corpses and Devil’s Rejects.

In the new Leatherface movie, Moseley is set to play a character named Drayton, an obvious nod to the character in the first two Texas Chainsaw movies, Drayton Sawyer, the Cook played by Jim Siedow. The new Leatherface movie is directed by John Lussenhop and begins filming this month in Shreveport, Louisiana. The film is written by Debra Sullivan, Adam Marcus and Steven Susco with Kristen Elms and Lussenop recently adding drafts for the movie. Here is the synopsis:

Leatherface 3D  will be a direct sequel to Tobe Hoopers original classic. In it we follow the lead character, Heather, who, along with her friends, travels to Texas in order to collect an inheritance. The spin? Said inheritance comes with a cousin who goes by the name of Leatherface.

Whoever plays Heather (the character who survied the original) will be tied in for at least another two movies after this as the plan is to begin a whole new franchise of the classic killer Leatherface. I for one am very happy they are kick starting the Texas Chainsaw Massacre again, as long as they get it right.

(Source: Dread Central)

By Matt Wavish

Bill Moseley as Chop-Top in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
Bill Moseley as Otis in Rob Zombie's Devil's Rejects


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