Life’s Too Short: New mocumentary from Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, coming soon!


You could argue that Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant are not really horror, however, they most definitely are ‘cult’ in a round-a-bout sort of way. The comedy of this genius team is a bit of an acquired taste, so to speak and those who like it, REALLY like it, me being one of them. The Office is beyond genius and, even though Extras took a little longer to gel with viewers, as with the Office, once you really get in to it and know the characters, it is just as good. The writing from Gervais and Merchant is simply inch perfect and it works in so many levels. I cannot watch an episode of the Office or Extras without ending up with some sort of stomach cramp or vomitting from laughing so much, and so the news of a brand new mocumentary in the same style as those two shows is quite possibly the best news I have heard all month!

Life’s Too Short will air on BBC2 sometime in 2012, and the teaser trailer above doesn’t really give much away apart from the fact it will be more of the same. However, if it aint broke then don’t fix it, so the saying goes, and this style of comedy works so well for Gervais and Merchant and, I am positive they can add a new twist on it. Extras used the same techniques as The Office, and yet felt fresh, inventive and positively hilarious. The idea behind this new show sounds almost too good to be true!

The series stars Warwick Davis, the ‘short’ fella from such classics as the entire Harry Potter series, he also starred as the demonic Leprechaun in the Leprechaun horror series, and he also played a small part on an episode of Extras. If you remember the episode, he was the small guy who caused Ricky Gervais’ character some confusion over how such a small fella could date such a normal, fit ‘bird’. Anyway, trying to diffuse a later situation in the episode, Gervais accidentally kicks the poor chap to the ground! Anyway, here is the idea for the new series:

The diminutive actor is the ostensible star of Life’s Too Short, the new moc-doc style comedy series by created by Gervais and long time creative partner Stephen Merchant, who both also co-star in the show. Davis plays a sort of riff on himself – much as Gervais did in Extras – playing an out of work actor trying to get back on top of the heap. The twist, of course, being that Warwick Davis is very, very short.

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