New character posters released for Fright Night 3D, oh dear!

Now, I’m not so shallow that I will let a couple of character posters put me off wanting to watch Craig Gillespie’s Fright Night remake, but my God they’re dreadful! We have been subjected to a crappy first trailer, then a truly awesome second trailer, we have seen images of Colin Farrell doing is Vampire next door thing, even seen a clip of him sweet talking his neighbour! We have also seen images of David Tennant as Peter Vincent, the game show host come Vampire hunter, and all of this has been very promising indeed. Now, with the release date of September 2nd here in the UK getting ever closer, we are offered up four character posters, and suddenly is all looks bad!

I say that just to emphasise the badness of the posters, they are childish and crap and take away almost any dignity the film had, almost. I keep thinking of how great the trailer looked, you can see it here:                                                                                                   

Anyway, you can see the new posters for yourself in the following gallery, feel free to share your thoughts…

By Matt Wavish

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