New images from Rob Zombie’s Lords of Salem brings multiple boobs!

Ha! I bet that headline caught your attention! I am not lying, there are many boobs on show in these new pics, but just not probably how you expected them. Rob Zombie continues to tease us by releasing a few pictures from behind the scenes of his Lords of Salem, the horror film I am losing sleep over as I am that excited. The new pictures don’t really give away much of anything: we have a shot of the helmet from the first proper image from the film, and my guess is the helmet is some kind of torture device, then we have a bizarre cast of a female body with plenty of horrible looking boobs hanging down, not someone you’d want to take home to show Mother, and finally there is a tall man.

The make-up is being created by Wayne Toth at his own studio, and Rob asked a question on his blog “What the fuck is Wayne Toth doing now?” Well, we can see his creating some nasty looking creatures, and the multiple tits creature is labelled ‘Satan Chest’ suggesting the Devil himself may make an appearance. Zombie has promised ‘lots of tits’ in the movie, and he wasn’t lying!

The Lords of Salem tells of a brutal bunch of witch hunters from Salem who enjoy torturing and killing witches for fun. Three real witches are killed, but put a curse on the town of Salem before they die, promising to come back and have their revenge. Centuries later a local radio DJ accidentally brings to curse to the town by playing a record backwards. Violence, in only a way Rob Zombie can, will follow.

More on this as we find out.

By Matt Wavish

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