New set of images released for Korean Sea Monster flick, Sector 7

We are still no closer to finding either a release date, or what the monster in Sector 7 will look like. What we can share with you is a few new character images and the official poster for Kim Ji-Hoon’s 3D monster movie. The film will be produced by CJ E&M Pictures and JK Film, the companies behind 2009’s superb Korean disaster flick Tidal Wave.

Sector 7 is based on an oil rig off Jeju Island called Eclipse. It is about to be shut down, however the new captain decides to have one last drill but things go wrong. A new recruit’s equipment fails and he sinks to the bottom of the ocean, soon after crew members start turning up dead, horribly mutilated. A sea creature has made its way up the drilling pipe and into the oil rig, and the few remaining survivors must do the best they can to stay alive.

Sector 7 looks like a cross between The Abyss and Deep Rising, check out the awesome trailer below followed by the gallery of new images.

By Matt Wavish


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