Sales trailer for Halle Berry shark thriller ‘Dark Tide’ is here!


We really are being spoilt for choice with shark films this year. We’ve had plenty of the old Mega-Shark vs everyone and Sharktopus, but there are three big budget releases which are very much at the top of horror fans much see lists. Top of that list is Shark Night 3D, and coming matched in second place is both Bait 3D and Dark Tide. We have already told you plenty about Bait, so lets tell you something about Dark Tide, shall we?

Firstly, this here trailer leaked onto Youtube recently and it has now been posted on numerous websites, so we had to follow suite and share with with our readers. The sales trailer is for the makers trying to get a distributor. The film is ready to go, but strangely no one has claimed it for distribution, which is a shame as it actually looks very good indeed. Parts of the trailer do drag a bit and there seems to be a hefty plot which could distract from the much needed shark action, but when the trailer does reveal its star (the shark (s)) things pick up nicely.

The film is directed by John Stockwell and stars Halle Berry, Olivier Martinez, Ralph Brown, Adi Shankar and Luke Stein. Here is the synopsis:

Kate (Halle Berry), shark naturalist and documentarian, has been reluctant to re-enter the water since the tragic death of her mentor. Once renowned for swimming with Great White Sharks without the protection of a cage, Kate now spends her days giving mundane wildlife tours. However, the surprise arrival of her old partner and boyfriend, Jeff (Olivier Martinez), convinces her to face her inner demons and get back in the water with the fiercest of predators.

By Matt Wavish

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