Some more details shared on Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, just what the Hell is it???

As the world is still trying to figure out just what the Hell Ridley Scott’s Prometheus is actually about, Scott himself recently answered some question in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. However, even after this we still have no bloody idea now much of a link, if any at all, it will share with Alien. I think we can pretty much gather from this that Prometheus WILL be a prequel, sort of…

Whilst the word Prometheus is a mythical word from Greek mythology and is about how Prometheus stole from the Gods to give to man (this concept will somehow be used in the film) the ship the film will be based on is also called Prometheus. Prometheus is a ship which has been sent from Earth by the dodgy, high powered corporation which play a heavy part in the Alien films, especially Aliens.

Whilst still not confirming if this film will be a direct prequel, Scott did explain that this movie will be set in the same space as his Alien film, and that the infamous ‘space-jockey’ from Alien (the giant creature with the burst open chest on the deserted ship) will be part of the basis for this new story. The fossilised monster was never explained in Scott’s movie, it was just there, and Scott wants to go back and explore this beast. Now this sounds mighty impressive.

Star Michael Fassenbender also hinted that he may play an android, much like Ian Holm and Lance Henrikson did, but Fassenbender only hinted at this…

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