Sony Pictures set to remake Big Man Japan


Released in the UK in 2008, Big Man Japan was a bizarre little comedy that dragged at times, whilst at others offered up quite brilliant levels of comedy and invention. It was by no means a perfect film, but if you did see it I’m sure you’ll agree that it was an easy film to watch which had a strange charm about it which made it hard not to like it. The story was about a down on his luck former wrestler who could grow into a 40 foot giant when hit with a sudden bolt of electricity. Once he learns his new skill he begins fighting off giant monsters, Gorija style. When the battles commence with the giants the special effects would kick in and this was a huge part of the films charm. It looked tacky but in a very bizarre way, it really worked. It looked more like a computer game, and the battles were often slow, odd little affairs where the giant would spend most of the fights catching their breath or preparing their next move. Either way, the film is one that deserved a much bigger audience than it got. I have included the original trailer here to give you an idea of what to expect.

And so this begs the question, why the remake? Big Man Japan is a full on Japanese film and I don’t see how this can work if remade by the US, but clearly someone at Sony Pictures thinks it will. Sony is partnering with Neil H Moritz, a reliable source who helped bring I Am Legend and Fast and Furious to the screen. Sadly, the writers responsible for such atrocity’s as Aeon Flux and the Clash of the Titans remake will be scripting this remake. Step forward Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi. I don’t see how this can work at all, but there is one piece of promising news. Comic actor/director Hitoshi Matsumoto, who directed the original, will be involved in the remake. He had this to say to Variety:

“With an ordinary remake, you just turn over everything to someone else and do nothing yourself, but this time I’ll take part in the remake in some form or other, so I’d like to make something interesting and fun and different from Big Man Japan,”

By Matt Wavish

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