The Human Centipede: Full Sequence awaiting BBFC certification

It would appear that Tom Six’s sequel to his cult movie The Human Centipede:First Sequence is finished and awaiting a BBFC certification. It is said that American distributor IFC Midnight will be releasing the movie uncut in all its sickening glory, however things may be a little different here in the UK.

Tom Six is keeping the plot heavily guarded, however he has said that the sequel will feature a full sequence of 12 people linked together, and has also claimed that the sequel will make the first movie “look like My Little Pony”. That is a good thing! The first film did not exactly live up to all the hype of being the sickest film of the year, however I did find the film highly enjoyable, and Mad Dr Heiter is one of the finest villains to grace our screens in many years.

It is said that while the first film was 100% medically accurate, the sequel will be 100% medically IN-accurate. All we can hope for is that the BBFC are kind to the film so that Eureka Entertainment can give the UK a full and uncut release. We can only hope…

By Matt Wavish

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