We have finally been able to shut up Matt Wavish since he watched The Troll Hunter but now it seems he is going to get all excited again by the news that Chris Columbus has partnered with CJ Entertainment & Media to acquire the remake rights to the Norwegian Film.

News of this remake is gathering pace at an alarming rate with First time writer Marc Haimes penning the script, alongiside original producer John M. Jacobsen with his partner Sveinung Golimo, as well as Columbus and his 1942 partners Michael Barnathan and Mark Radcliffe.

Columbus loves the original directed by André Øvredal calling it a visceral, thrilling cinematic rock and roller coaster ride of a movie. He said ” We want to introduce an international audience to this visual amazing moviegoing experience”

No news yet if André Øvredal will come back to direct!

You can read Matt’s review of the very film here:

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  1. No Bat, bollocks do dubbing its dreadful (unless its an old fashioned kung-fu flick!). Sorry though Ross, I was just about to report on this myeslf (thanks for getting there first) and I was gonna vent some angr i tell ya! Troll Hunter is a classic film based on a Norweigian Mythology, something a US remake just simply won’t get right. Chris Columbus may be a credible director, but he is a mainstream director, and Troll Hunter is not a mainstream film. Although, the original director has exrpessed a huge amount of happiness in his film being remade. We shall just have to wait and see I guess 😥

  2. Ah, just my preference Bat. I don’t mind old films dubbed as that was how I used to watch them, but I prefer subtitles now as oddly enough I find dubbing distracts me more than the subtitles!

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