The Troll Hunter Strikes Back! See the mashup video here


After receiving some stunning reviews (including one by your truly) the Troll Hunter has become one of the biggest cult films of the year. Winning massive acclaim around the festival circuit and about to make its debut properly in the US, Andre Ovredal’s Troll Hunter is a sensation in every sense of the word. With a planned US remake on the cards, and a UK cinema release set for September 9th it was only a matter of time before something like the above turned up!

Created by Rune Spaans, who is said to have access to some of the raw materials of the Troll Hunter, the clearly skilled individual took three weeks to put together this wonderful blend of The Empire Strikes Back and the Troll Hunter and, I am sure you’ll agree, it is very funny indeed. Spanns said he got he idea after seeing one of the Troll’s on the movie with only one arm. Here is what he says about his work on Youtube:

One of the creatures in The Troll Hunter is missing an arm. When I first saw that, I knew I had to make this Empire tribute! What I’ve done is to take the scene from Empire Strikes Back, erase the existing characters, and then animate and re-composite the characters from Troll Hunter into the Empire footage. It’s a pretty complex animation job, and it took me around three weeks of spare time to finish.

This was done as a non-commercial fun project. All rights reserved to the original copyiright holders.

By Matt Wavish

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