This is actually kind of creepy, two virals appear for The Dark Knight Rises



There is an incredible sense of chaos and pure fear coming from these two Viral videos recently released for The Dark Knight Rises. Prisoners being marched out of prison, and the chanting in the background of either Arkham Arkham!! or The Fire Rises. Supposedly the chanting is by the League of Shadows, which Bane is a part of. Speaking of Bane, on the first video, if you look closely at 46 seconds that just might be an image of Bane!

My God, how two brief little videos can get me excited. It is hard to put into words how these videos make me feel, excitement, terror and utter trust that Nolan is going to do the impossible and top The Dark Knight!

Thats all we have for now.

By Matt Wavish

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  1. How weird. Looking forward to the film though. Tom Hardy is proving himself to be very talented actor.

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