Transformers’ Rachael Taylor joins sexy young cast of The Loft

Rachael Taylor is the latest sexy star to sign up for Erik Van Looy’s The Loft, an English language remake of his 2008 Belgium film of the same name. Rachael has been seen most recently in Grey’s Anatomy and is part of the pilot episode of the proposed Charlie’s Angels TV series. She was also in the first Transformers movie as Maggie Madsen and since then has starred in Shutter, Ghost Machine and Red Dog, having also starred in See No Evil, she is no stranger to the horror genre.

She will be joining Patrick Wilson (Insidious), James Marsden (Straw Dogs remake), Wentworth Miller (P2), Isabel Lucas (Transformers 2) and Eric Stonestreet (Modern Family). Taylor is set to play a call girl named Ann and she is used by Wilson’s character to seduce Marsden’s character, however she ends up falling for him. The film is a dark horror thriller about five married friends who rent a loft together so that they can bring their mistresses back for a good time! Things take a nasty turn when the body of a mysterious woman turns up dead and the friends begin to suspect one another.

No release date details as yet, and the film has not begun shooting yet, but just to keep you interested, here are some images of the delights in store for you!

By Matt Wavish

Isabel Lucas
Isabel Lucas
Rachael Taylor

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