Tron Legacy sequel gets a writer

There is nothing concrete here, but it sounds like Disney are starting to get the wheels in motion for a sequel to last years Tron Legacy. While the so-called next big 3D event movie didn’t quite scale the heights it was expected to do, it did perform pretty well at the box office and there is still a huge interest in all things Tron. Writers Adam Horowitz and Kitsis wrote Tron Legacy, but will be too busy working on their own TV series ‘Once Upon A Time’ to be able to do any work for the sequel.

So, Disney have drafted in David Gigilio, who wrote Eight Below for them a number of years a go. Now, before that puts you off, he has been pitching his very own  Showtime series The Last H.O.P.E, a futuristic medical series described as Mad Max meets M.A.S.H, so it would appear the writer could well be the right man for the job. Disney had planned two sequels before Tron Legacy even got released, so this first sequel is almost guaranteed to happen.

However, its all waiting on how well the animated series Tron Uprising performs. No cast or director have been discussed yet. More on this as it happens.

By Matt Wavish

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