Van Damme still packs a mighty punch in Assassination Games, see the trailer here


Ah Van Damme, bless him, still making movies and still managing to kick some serious ass! Now, his rival, Steven Segal may make more films than him, but sadly my favourite of the two is getting fat and a bit slow (still wouldn’t aruge with the fella mind). However Van Damme is still looking pretty bloody ripped for his age and looks surprisingly agile in this trailer for his new movie Assassination Games, previously known as Weapon.

In the film Van Damme teams up with a former rival assassin to take down a common enemy. The other assassin is played by Scott Adkins (The Bourne Ultimatum, Universal Soldier: A New Dimension). The film has a US release date of September 1st, so expect the UK to follow shortly. Hopefully this Van Damme action will tie us over until we see the Muscles from Brussels on the big screen again in The Expendables 2. Can’t wait for that one!!

By Matt Wavish

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  1. I should hope he’s ripped! He’s meant to be taking on an olympic champion thai boxer at end of the year in Thailand! 😮
    His acting looks a bit ropey from the trailer, but I’d be interested to see the full thing.

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