Warner Bros to distribute Stallone/Hill cop thriller Headshot (now called Bullet to the Head)

Originally titled Headshot, Walter Hill’s first film as a director since 2002’s Undisputed has a new title and a new distributor. The film, starring Sylvester Stallone, will now be called Bullet to the Head. The film is still being produced by Joel Silver’s Dark Castle Productions, however, Warner Brothers have stepped in to distribute the film.

The film is apparently based on a series of graphic novels penned by Matz (aka Alexis Nolant) and here is the story: “It is about a New Orleans hitman who teams with an NYPD detective, as they are brought together by two vicious murders. The two proceed to take on all who stand in their way.”

Just recently a new cast member has been confirmed, Fast and Furious star Sung Kang. Allessandro Camon is still writing the movie, working very closely with director Hill, although in the recent press release there was no mention of Thomas Jane. The star of The Mist was reportedly joining the cast recently, however his name was not mentioned. This is a shame as I was very much looking forward to seeing him in this movie. Maybe he is still in it but has not been officially confirmed? Who knows.

More on this as it happens.

By Matt Wavish

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